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Sagres Natura offers you everything you need for a spectacular Surf Experience in the Algarve. Get to know more about our spacious Surf Campย  and why it is the perfect place to chill out. Explore our different Surf Packages and learn why Sagres is the best place to learn how to surf!

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our surf packages
surf & stay

Our Surf Camp packages give you a great surf experience with no hassle, as we organize everything for you! In addition to surfing, there’s lots to do at the camp, and in the town center, only a couple of minutesโ€™ walk away.

surf & YOGA

Surfing is all about becoming one with the ocean and mother nature herself. In order to achieve this connection, you need to be able to shut down the noise of the world around you. With the help of conscious Yoga practices you can hence not only better your state of mind, but also your Surf skills.

winter surf

Profit from less crowded beaches, sunny weather and perfect surf conditions and get the maximum out of your surf holidays. Our winter package combines surf lessons and a dorm room – no breakfast, no luxury – but price-worthy Surf Holidays. Perfect for the passionate surfer.



Explore why Sagres is one of the best spots to surf, find a guide of the top beaches and learn when it’s the best time to book surf holidays in Sagres.

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We, a local Portuguese family, set up Sagres Natura Surf School in 2003, and since then expanded by opening the Surf Camp and Surf Shop. We have an excellent reputation for providing quality surf holidays at a low price. If you want to experience surfing in a relaxed environment with friendly people, our speciality is making sure that your surf trip is fun!

improve your surf
the surf school

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, we can help you improve your surf skills. Our certified instructors will help you learn to surf faster, more easily and safely with our famous step-by-step teaching method. If you know how to surf already, improve your style and technique with individual surf analysis and pro tips.

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Stay at our Surf Camp and get 10% off any purchase at our Sagres Natura Surf Shop!

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