improve your surf style
for Experienced surfers

You can never be too good at something, so: No matter how experienced you are at surfing, there is always space to improve yourself and find your own personal surf style. Our surf instructors are long-time surfers with a lot of experience in the water and a good educational background about Surf Theory and Functional Surf Training.

Let us help you asses your own current level and find the spots where you have potential to improve your surf skills. We have created a new special space at the Surf Camp just for the surfers, where we combine surf techniques to get the maximum out of your potential.

We believe that watching yourself surf is one of the best ways to improve your own style and learn from your mistakes. At the surf camp, you can use our balanced exercise for you to improve your skills.

Last but not least, we use Functional Training outside of the water to better your performance inside the water. This includes balance exercises, work outs on unstable platforms (skateboard, indoboard, fitball, bozu, rolls), take off techniques in different situations, resistance training for paddling and core strengthening. The aim is to improve your physical fitness and motor skills for an overall better surfing performance.

don’t need accomodation?
surf lessons only

You want to learn improve your surf, but already have an accomodation in the Algarve? No worries! We will be pleased to welcome you as our Surf Student only, too! The prices of our Surf Lessons is for 2,5h in the water per day and include a Wetsuit and a Surfboard already. Just let us know which day suits you best and if you want us to pick you up at our Surf Camp or in front of our Surf Shop.

why sagres is the place to be
surf in sagres

Learn why Sagres is one of the best surf trip destinations in Europe and find out where to catch the best waves.


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