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surf for beginners

For most people learning to surf is one of the best moments of their life. The challenge, thrill, adrenaline in your body, the excitement and the wonderful feeling of catching waves. You get stronger, your balance improves, sometimes it’s hard but you keep getting better, until you stand up for the first time and you feel amazing – you did it!

But sometimes we see people learning the hard way – by themselves – and for them it turns into a battle. It doesn’t look fun, you can tell by their face, and often they give up trying because they don’t enjoy it. The difference is the way they learn – surfing isn’t easy, but it should always be fun. And it is if you do it the easiest way – with a good surf school.

A qualified instructor knows how to teach and will explain, demonstrate and watch your progress to give more tips.
Their experience means they understand that people learn things in different ways, so they (we) teach in different ways to suit the learner and help them progress.

Our lessons help you learn to surf the easy and right way, while making you comfortable in the water.  Our group lessons aren’t just a great way to learn to surf, you’ll also meet new people who share the same sense of adventure and fun and visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the south and west coast of the Algarve, the best location for perfect waves! Perfect for all ages and abilities and approved by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

learn to surf the rigth way
our step-by-step teaching method

The Step-by-Step Method starts with our instructors making a thorough assessment of your level, experience and knowledge of the surf basics, any gaps can be filled in before you start – to make sure you know everything you need to know. It’s designed to suit your pace, so individual progress is carefully analyzed and instructions are given in steps at the speed that suits you. You will learn to master one step at a time. It makes learning to surf much easier!

The best way to improve your surfing quickly is with support and feedback. Groups are kept small (max. 8 Students per Instructor) so everybody gets the individual attention they need and before you know it, you can surf! Also, surf lessons are divided into groups of the same level, so you learn with people who have similar experience. There’s nothing better to help you learn than to feel the joy of catching waves and have other people to share it with you!

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From complete beginners to people who already know how to surf, the step-by-step method helps you reinforce what you learned before and from there improve your surfing style and technique.

And last but not least: The focus is on relaxing and having fun. You learn better when you feel confident and safe. You can trust the instructors to make sure that you feel secure and then all you have to do is enjoy yourself. Smile!

ideal for beginners:
surf & Stay package

The Surf & Stay Package is our classic package and  the best option for beginners and intermediate level surfers, to combine beautiful holidays in the Algarve with high-quality surf lessons. Learn more about this package and our other Surf Packages now.

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it’s never too early to start
surf lessons for kids

We love to teach children and we believe that the earlier you start your surf experience, the faster you will get better at surfing. We offer surf lessons for children and will be happy to have your little ones at our Surf School. But to insure the maximum safety of your kid in the water and to help it learn in an efficient and personalized way, we only offer surf lessons for children that are 12 years old or older. Contact us through our contact form to get an offer and more specifics on how the lessons are structured.

got a place to stay already?
surf lessons only

You want to learn how to surf, but have booked your Hotel or Appartment in the Algarve already beforehand? No worries! We will be pleased to welcome you as our Surf Student only, too! The prices of our Surf Lessons are 2,5h in the water per day and include the  Wetsuit and a Surfboard already. Just let us know which day suits you best and if you want us to pick you up at our Surf Camp or in front of our Surf Shop.

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