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Sagres Natura is a surf company based in Sagres, Portugal – an old fishing town on the south west peninsula of the Algarve. The goal of our shop is to work with small friendly brands alongside the mainstream quality brands. This way we have a wider range of stock, with select pieces that are sold in low numbers, meaning you get to wear gorgeous clothes that other people won’t be wearing!

The Surf Shop blends a mix of fashion, music, street art and surf vibes. Sagres Natura’s not only a surf brand, but a way of life and our rad team works hard to put a smile on your face!

ride them waves
surfboards & bodyboards

We sell a range of surfboards and bodyboards with select models from different companies, so we can offer great prices and offer you a wider choice. Brands differ from season to season and include: Pukas, Green, Soul, Cold, Fusion, Next and …Respect, Sniper, Versus

The variety is endless…Come and check out our new stock, there’s sure to be something you will fall in love with!

we keep you warm

Wetsuits are neopren insulation suits that will keep you warm during watersports. They work by trapping a thin layer of water between your suit and your body. Your body temperature warms this layer which prevents you thereby from losing too much heat while surfing.

The thickness of the neoprene is a keyfactor when considering buying a wetsuit. We offer a wide range of wetsuits  in 3:2mm and 4:3mm – the perfect thickness for Algarve water and air temperatures. We only work with famous brands, because we are certain that sometimes it’s worth paying for the name when you have the assurance that the wetsuit will keep you warm!

Wetsuit Brands: O’Neill, Hurley, Vissla

get the surfers’ lifestyle
clothes & accessoires

Alongside surfing, fashion is our passion – mixing up vintage and modern looks with some funky accessories is a look we love to create. The shop doesn’t look big from outside but it’s a treasure trove inside! With our quick turnover and brilliant selection of merchandise, there’s always something new to tempt you…

And if you’re staying with us you get special Surf Shop discounts!

Clothing Brands: O’Neill, Hurley, Vissla, Lightning Bolt, Salty Crew, Santa Cruz, Stance, Roark, RipnDip, Globe, Hippy Tree, Riedaily, Skunk Funk, Amuse, Sisstrevolution, Rusty

Surf Accessoires Brands: FCS, Dakine, Sniper, Gorilla

surf & Skate
skateboards & skate supply

Surfing is almost like skating on a moving ground. Therefore, practicing your skateboard skills will help you incredibily to improve your skills in the water too. We offer a wide range of different skateboards and skate supplies in our Surf Shop, so that you can get equipped for your skate training too!

Skate Brands: Santa Cruz, Birdhouse, Globe, Cartel, O’Neill

book surf lessons

You want to improve your surf skills and already have an accomodation in the Algarve? Then will be pleased to welcome you as our Surf Student!

You can buy individual Surf Lessons at our Sagres Natura Surf Shop, online, or through our phone at +351 282 624 072.

The prices of our Surf Lessons are per day (2,5h in the water) and include a Wetsuit and a Surfboard during the lessons.

Let us know which day suits you best and if you want us to pick you up at our Surf Camp or in front of our Surf Shop.

surf rentals

Hire your surf equipment at our Shop for quality items at great value prices. We have all kinds of boards and wetsuits to make sure we can provide what you need to surf!

Softboards, a selection of both epoxy and polycarbonate Mini Mals, Shortboards and Longboards, and bodyboards too.  And a wide range of wetsuits (3:2 and 4:3mm) so you can use the right one to suit the sea temperature.

( board and wetsuit are included for the surf lessons)


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